The Table Matters

We are not called to have it all together.

The only reason this truth is deep rooted within me is because at one time, I spent months. And I mean months, breaking myself in pieces trying to perfect every detail of my life. When I fell short, I panicked and grabbed whatever was in arms reach and I booked it. I hid for weeks mourning at what I had done. In disbelief that I had fallen once again. Terrified to face the world again and was unsteady in the fact that I had no idea what relationship with Jesus really meant.

You see, I sat down at this table once. Everyone was wearing masks and had their baggage next to them zipped up so no one could see inside. They told me that following Jesus meant to never do wrong. Because if you trip even a little, then that meant you never loved Him to begin with. And it wasn’t long before I was shoved out from my seat. My life was too messy to try to mask it to fit in. I wasn’t comfortable in wearing a mask, because even if I tried, I knew what was really going on with me.

I walked alone for a bit, but I was not lonely. I was walking with Jesus trying to figure out what the heck it meant to be close to Him. Just because you’re alone, it doesn’t mean you’re lonely ya know. While walking, I came across another table. Everyone was bare-faced and had their baggage next to them wide open. They were taking turns reaching down and pulling out their mistakes, and I watched as they tossed them behind their shoulder one by one.
This table. I sat at this table, and I stayed. Without having to try to hide my short comings. instead, we shared ours and even slapped our knees laughing about a few. Because some mistakes are so undoubtably insane that you have no choice but to laugh at them. We did;t try to perfect ourselves, we embraced our imperfectness. Then we moved forward to what was ahead. Not glued to our mess ups. 

You see, loving Jesus isn’t contingent on whether or not you mess up. Loving Jesus is acknowledging you fell short, (even if it is yet again. Trust me, I know all about that) and choosing to get right back up. Christianity isn’t perfection, my friend. You are not called to have it all together. you’re going to mess up and you’re going to fall.
Choose to get back up.

You can hide out and beat yourself up for messing up, of course. But when it’s all said and done, God is still God. He forgives. He doesn’t disown what is His. So yeah, you can mourn in it for weeks, but you will come to the conclusion that it’s time to move forward because there is such ahead. But, how much time are you going to let go to waste in the duration? He already forgave you, it’s up to you to get back up. It’s up to you to pull up your mistake, look at it, maybe laugh about it, and toss it over your shoulder. There’s so much ahead, go get it friend.

And hey, just for the books – I am still sitting at the second table.

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