Rooms In My Heart

Sometimes, I bravely hold on tight to my flawed propositions. Standing tall behind thoughts that I tell my heart to be true. Reality can be screaming in my face with evidence that can’t be argued and I sit there with my eyes squeezed shut as if my simple hope subdues the truth in existence – not everyone is kind.

I’m a firm believer in overlooking indecency to get a glimpse of the human heart. A firm believer that when we walk into a room full of faces we’re all wanting of the same thing, acceptance. I believe in the depths of every heart there’s gold even if it’s surrounded by ash. There’s always gold. But the paralyzing truth I have peeked my eye open to see – not everyone is kind. And the gracious certainty I have painted on the walls of my home – everyone can be kind.

Just because everyone can be kind, doesn’t mean everyone is kind. And just because you want to be everybody’s number one fan, doesn’t mean you should be. In my own life, I have chased more than what I was capable of and I have made rooms in my heart to seat many people who never stayed for coffee, only for a short meal.

Often, I think about all the feet that have walked out of the rooms in my heart and I catch myself keeping count of how many times I heard the door shut one by one. But what I have learned, slowly, is that it doesn’t matter who’s walked out of the room. The predominant beauty is who still is in the room.

Not everyone is kind, so be careful with who you rearrange your space for. Yes, I’m a BIG believer in there being good in every soul. But you can’t bring people close holding onto the expectation of the kindness you believe to see in them. You, yourself, be kind. Welcome everyone with a smile but not everyone with a seat.

You can believe the best while being standing wise.

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  1. You will always be in my heart sweet girl. I love you Hope always have always will. You have grown into a beautiful child of our Lord Jesus! Stay close to him and I’m so blessed to get a glimce of the life He has prepared for you! Love you

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