I Too

I think we’re all waiting for the time in our life to come where we’re slapping our knees laughing about all the times we swore we’d never make it through. I am certain we’ll all get there one day – but with the unmanageable in between time I think we need to stop trying to connect our dots and stop trying so hard to backtrack our steps. Agonizing and heart rending events not in any way make sense while they’re building a brief home in our realities. It’s when they pass our eyes are widened to what was shaped in that time. It’s normal that there will be times we aren’t going to make sense of. And perhaps, it may just be that we aren’t suppose to have understanding as to why some things are happening and we need to just let it happen the way it ought to happen.
One day, I guarantee when your foot meets solid ground again – you’ll find yourself trying hard not to smirk. Because once again, you made it through what seemed unremitting with the dots gracefully connected. And we best believe that when we’re all laughing from all our mishaps that there will be someone not far in the wake who faintly hears it,
and they’ll say to themselves “I too, will find this worthwhile after all.”

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