You Are Not

i think we all inadvertently accept less than what we stand for sometimes. maybe because we get tired, or maybe because we think what we stand for is too much at times. over the years i have found that on the really demanding days where everything is upside down – i found it really manageable to just take the short end of the stick and call it a day. but what i learned is that i had to get tired of tolerating conditions that were not in line with my surety. i had to get tired of saying yes to things that my hearted shouted no. i had to get tired of trying on peoples opinions, as if those were what i was going to wear when everything is all said and done.

you see, settling has more to do than what you want in the person you spend your life with. settling is not just a word that fits on the shelf of a relationship scale. contrary to most, i think before you are able to say with an honest heart that you are not going to settle in who you choose to spend your life with – you must first confidently be able to say you are not going to settle inside of your own heart. in your own thoughts. in your everyday life.

this year – let’s get this on our heart before the new year even starts.

“you are not going to settle today.”

you are not going to settle in your morals. whatever those look like, live them out. you are not going to settle in your workplace. wherever you are, go above and beyond what is expected of you. you are not going to settle in your thoughts. start speaking to yourself what you want to see and watch what begins to shift. you are not going to settle in a relationship. the Lord is more than capable in this – wait out for the person that triumphs any uncertainty. you are not going to settle with your dreams. if your dream is something you can accomplish on your own, dream something bigger. you are not going to settle in the core of who you are. be bold. and note this – being bold does not always mean being loud.

whatever the day may hold, you hold onto what you know and you stand on what you want. i don’t promise a lot of things but one thing i will promise – is that one day you’ll look back and say thank you to yourself. and you’ll really mean it. this year – you aren’t settling, my friend.


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