Dancing On Defense

Here’s what I’m learning. We all want to be bold, but we don’t want to encounter something that makes us choose to be bold. We all want to be known, but we don’t want to wear our heart on our sleeve to ever even be known. We all want to be patient, but we don’t want the process to take too long to get there. We all want to be given opportunities, but we don’t want to be overlooked in the behind the scenes.

I heard once, “You can’t want the fruit but not the root.”

And that stuck with me. Because it’s so true. ESPECIALLY in today’s world.

We run from the things we know we need but want to carry the things we haven’t even let grow. It’s so backwards and then we wonder why we feel the way we do and why we aren’t achieving the goals we want to achieve. We wonder why we attract the same kind of people and why the same kind of people come and go. We knowingly run away or we knowingly run in circles but then we have the audacity to say we don’t know why we are where we are.

Over the years I have seen too many people sugarcoat this thing we call life. Too many people extend grace with no correction. Too many people entertain careless habits. Too many people with the mindset that ‘one day I’ll get it together’. Too many people watch as people literally shatter their dignity and cripple their future.

I’ve been there. Oh, my sweet friend. I’ve been there. I’ve been the one to lose themselves in the midst of ‘just having fun’ and I watched as it became an addictive habit. I’ve been the one to say ‘it’s just meaningless, it’s not going to effect me like that’ and I watched as my pieces of my heart were spread so far out it was impossible to try and pick them all back up. I’ve been the one glued to depression firmly believing no one in the world understood, and I’ve been the one who was absolutely certain the world would be better off without me. Then flip it around and I’ve been the one to watch people I love go down the paths I went down, too. And I watched as I kept to myself because ‘it’s their life and if they don’t want to stop living like that then I can’t help it’.

And maybe I’m right to a certain extent. I can’t always help it. But we as humans who have been radically encountered by the God who made us can absolutely speak up with the mouth He gave us.

Jesus never danced on the line of defense. That guy told it how it was. And I love that about Jesus. He was so bold and so sure of what he spoke. He didn’t hesitate before speaking into a situation that was not in line with his Father’s will, and I think that’s the misconception. The Word of God is not all sunshine and rainbows. I’m sorry for whoever has painted that picture for you. But the reality is the Gospel is offensive and it leaves you with a choice to choose. And the holy irony is that it’s all rooted in boundless and inexplicable love.

In my journey I came to know a God who cared enough to tell me how it is. A God who cared enough about us to press pause without second guessing. A God who cared enough to press stop when necessary. A God who cared enough to press rewind when I needed to go back and deal with something. And a God who loved me enough to press forward to show me a glimpse of the plan He had for me all along.

If I have learned anything it is that I am positive God didn’t put us all on this earth with each other for nothing. He didn’t allow us to have the capability to communicate with other humans for nothing. He did it so we could be there and be present. So we could relate and blow each others mind that we too, have been there. So we could learn to understand as best we could.

So we can ask people for every reason why someone is only doing “good.” So we can ask if someone is just ‘having an off day’ or if in fact the inside of their heart is on the verge of shattering. So we can ask why they believe what they believe and if there is a possibility that there is more than what they’ve been holding onto.

We are here to have the heart to ask and learn every ache behind why someone is doing “fine.”

Sometimes, we get to tell each other that we suck. Because let’s be real, sometimes we do. But we also get to tell each other that we have a purpose to chase after and that we are going to make it. Sometimes, we need to tell each other to stop acting like there isn’t a possibility that today could be our last day. Sometimes, we need to be really real and not tip toe around the truth that could save someone from making the mistakes we made.

Let’s run towards the things that will make us choose to be bold. Let’s never walk out the door without an honest heart on our sleeve. Let’s seek out the one who is doing ‘fine’ and share how we too, have just been ‘fine’. Let’s make honesty our language. Let’s make transparency our influence. Let’s make boldness our friend.

I don’t want to dance on the line of defense. I want to run full force past that line, in love and in compassion.

And watch as the ones who have been dancing on it see that they too, can begin running.

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