If you’re reading this, then we have something in common to stand on together. We both want to use our influence for something good. Something lasting. Something worthwhile.


I put feelings into words and write about the honest things no one else wants to talk about.


I mentor individuals and small companies to achieve their social media goals.


I am passionate about speaking on developing culture and sharing the Word of God.


I am the founder of 'BECOMING BETTER CO' for all things on women mentorship.

Together, let’s help build dreams, not overtake them. Let’s be kind. Let’s speak life. Let’s LOVE.


Where Compromise Isn't an Option and Honesty is a Non-Negotiable

Katelin Waldron

"A quick, easy, & moving read. I could not put it down. Hope Moquin's words are such a blessing to all - and you WILL find peace in the Lord as you flip through the pages of "The Second Table." Hope's book shows us all that our messes are only opportunities for Him to create masterpieces and He has a plan for us all."


"If you are hesitating to buy this, I promise you that you will not regret it! I just recently purchased this book and immediately fell in love with it. I cannot express the amount of tears I shed while reading Hope’s story and the number of words that hit my heart when I needed it most. It is the most personal and the most relatable thing I’ve ever read! Her book had me laughing, crying, and even running to my friends to tell them about how amazing her book is. The Second Table has helped me strengthen my faith and fall in love with God even more!"


"Hope is an incredible communicator. I came across her page on IG and fell in love with her work. She's a source of encouragement and prolific writer that uses God's truth to impact your current context. If you ever struggle with condemnation or struggling to understand the reality of the Gospel, please read this. She shares her personal experiences to help us understand God's love in a deeper way––in a way that view God as a Father. Check this book out! It's a must-read."


"The most personal & relatable thing I’ve ever read! The testimony & story this book tells is like no other. It’s so beautifully real & true. I cannot begin to explain the impact it has had on me. I know in my heart I am changed because of it & it will influence so many lives."